Harness Program

Program Information

At C Armr Ponies we value ponies and want them to “shine on forever”!  We offer harness training for ponies while also educating the owner on the basics of driving.  We want to help families continue to use their beloved pet even when the child outgrows their pony and cannot ride it any longer. 

The pony will come to C Armr Ponies in Southey, Sk for harness training for a fee of $30/day plus a boarding fee of $10/day (a minimum of 60 days of training with 4 FREE driving sessions for the owner included during that time).

Trainer Information

Carissa Forsberg has been surrounded by ponies her whole life.  Her grandmother, Genevieve Kurtenbach, raised, trained and showed Sec. A Welsh Ponies and was one of the founding breeders of the rare Canadian Rustic Pony.  She passed her passion on for ponies to her grandchildren. 

Carissa had been riding and showing ponies since she can remember.  As she got older and was too big to ride the ponies, she learned how to drive them from her grandmother and father. 

From a young age Carissa always had a project on the go and trained numerous horses and ponies to ride and drive.  She now wants to teach others how fun learning to drive their pony can be. 

Carissa has a Bachelor of Education degree from the U of R majoring in Physical Education and double minoring in Health and Business.  She has taken driving clinics from Kristin Dornan, Harvey MacFarlane, Kathleen Winfield and Rise Massey and looks for opportunities to continue developing her driving skills. 

She has also competed in driving classes at open shows in Manitoba and Saskatchewan.  In 2015 she won 1st in the Pleasure Driving class at the Manitoba Welsh Pony Breed Show with her Welsh pony, Mr. Yankee Doo. 

Carissa has also travelled to Virginia in the USA to compete with her endangered Newfoundland Pony, Gewels, in 2016.  They had great results winning 1st in both Pleasure Driving and Dressage Driving. 

In 2022, Carissa’s pony Crystal Springs Valiant Comet won 1st in an obstacle class at a Pleasure Show in Saskatoon and then went on to win Champion Driving Pony at the Manitoba Welsh Show later that year. 

She has also completed The Horse Course: Introduction to Basic Care and Management through the University of Florida in 2017 earning 100% in the course. 

The summer of 2018, Carissa passed the 13 Learn to Drive modules under driving coach Kathleen Winfield and then passed her evaluation in 2022 and is now an Equestrian Canada Certified Driving Instructor.    

Carissa with black pony
Yankee Driving Close Up
A Pony is a childhood dream