Our Logo & Slogan

What does our logo and slogan represent?

C Armr Ponies (Pronounciation: See Armor Ponies) was created based on the following:

1. My name starts with CAR and my younger brother’s name starts with CAR so we took those three letters and combined it with MR which comes from our 1st Welsh stallion, Sudans Little MR Independant.

2. We raise Welsh ponies, which is a breed actually listed on Heritage Livestock Canada’s Conservation List as “Vulnerable”. We also own two “Critically” endangered Newfoundland Ponies that we breed. So, we thought since armor is used to protect knights in battle, using Armr in our name signifies our battle to help protect these wonderful pony breeds by helping increase their numbers through responsible breeding.

3. Armr Ponies is the perfect description to represent the ponies that we raise. Welsh ponies and Newfoundland ponies are hardy, resilient ponies representing the strength that armor provides. The Welsh pony was used by Julius Ceasar to pull chariots and they are one out of the eight foundation breeds that make up the Newfoundland Pony.

4. My grandmother raised Welsh Ponies and was also a founding breeder for the rare Canadian Rustic Pony. She passed on to me the love and appreciation for pony breeds. So, the C in our name signifies the promotion of our ponies and the history of their breeds. We want to C (see) these breeds being used by every family member and to help others C (see) that they can be just as athletic and quiet as horses, breaking the stereotypes people have of ponies.

Our slogan, Shine on Forever, came about because:

1. Armor is shiny

2. If we protect these breeds, they won’t become extinct and will indeed shine on forever

3. We make sure the ponies have adequate training, especially in driving, so we know they will have a bright future where people of all ages can use them for their lifetime

4. We also breed quality ponies that will do well and shine in the show ring

5. Even when the pony passes away, they will have made an impact with the people that have owned them and will shine on forever in their hearts as well as being a registered pony and passing on their bloodlines through their offspring